Roasted Groundnut Broker & Trader From India

Roasted Groundnut with Shell

Admixture 1% Max (as per customer requirements)
Foreign Material 0.50% Max(as per customer requirements)
Counts Per Ounce 20/24
Moisture 4% Max

The peanuts are roasted in the shell and are salted and a tasty spiciness is added, too.

There is a slow burn in the mouth with each peanut.

If you don’t like spicy peanuts, do not try this product out! However, if you enjoy some spiciness, this is a portion of nice snack food.

Gujarat shares major area for growing peanuts when compared to whole country.

Peanuts or groundnuts contain minimum 13 different types of vitamins. It also helps in regulating brain functions plus maintaining strong bones too.