Soya Bean Broker in Ethiopia

Padm Agri brokers is a leading brokerage firm in the Austria of oilseeds like sesame seeds, peanuts, and other agricultural products like cumin, fennel, fenugreek, peas, chickpeas etc.

Soya Bean

Moisture 14.5%
Admixture 0.5%
Imperfection 3%
Size 4.5~5.0mm; 5.0~7.0mm

Soybean also named soya bean is a species of legume which is native to East Asia.

Soybean is a complete storehouse of proteins and it could do good for health.

There are also some common usages for soybean such as making oil, sprouting, making soy milk, Tofu and so on.

It is also a common edible bean with some by-products like soy meal.